Learning English through Language Experience

We are learning English in many different ways. One way we learn is through Language Experience.

We studied the language of procedural writing in class, including action words, connectives and simple sentences. We learnt that procedural writing lists ingredients (or materials) and equipment then lists a set of steps to follow to complete the procedure. Then, we read different procedural writing in class to become familiar with them.

Our next step was to read a recipe and understand and follow the procedure so we made our healthy salad wraps in class. We built on our growing  English vocabulary by reading the list of ingredients and then describing them using adjectives for colours, textures, size and shape- e.g. a head of crisp lettuce, ripe and juicy red tomatoes, long, green spring onions, crunchy cucumber and carrots, freshly baked wrap bread, etc. 



We used verbs and sequencing language which are key to procedural writing to describe the steps we needed to follow to make our wraps. Why don’t you make lunch for your family following our procedure…


How to Make Healthy Salad Wraps

First, wash your hands with soap and water.


Then, wash the vegetables in the sink.


Next, tear the lettuce leaves gently.


After that, slice the tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum.


Finally, grate the carrots carefully.


Now, make your wrap by filling the bread with the salad. Roll your wrap nice and tight.



Eat your healthy salad wraps.


Don’t forget to wash the dishes afterwards.





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