Story Innovation

We have been enjoying some of the wonderful stories from the huge collection of Premier’s Reading Challenge books. Last week, we read the wonderful story, Where is the green sheep? by Mem Fox.  We learned that noun groups give more information about the subject in a sentence. The subject was sheep and Mem Fox used lots of adjectives, prepositions and adverbs to describe the different sheep in the story.

We found the green sheep and the wide sheep. We found the brave sheep and the clown sheep. And, of course, we found the green sheep sleeping quietly behind the shrubs.

We wondered what the names of the other sheep might be on this page. We looked at the clues in the pictures and we thought about the way Mem Fox described the sheep. We named the hot-air balloon sheep and the acrobat sheep. We named the picnic sheep and the snorkelling sheep. We also found the fishing in the pond sheep.

We followed Mem Fox’s writing style and wrote our own version of the story using noun groups.

Where is the polka-dotted sheep?

Here is the party sheep.

Here is the picnic sheep.

Here is the fireworks sheep.

And here is the Spanish dancing sheep.

Here is the sleeping sheep.

And here is the going for a walk sheep.

Here is the blue pom-pom sheep.

And here is the crazy sheep.

Here is the swimming sheep.

Here is the in love sheep.

And here is the playing sheep.

Here is the happy sheep.

And here is the funny sheep.


But where is the polka-dotted sheep?




Here are some links to online versions of Where is the green sheep? that you can enjoy at home.


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