Action Verbs

We are learning to use verbs to describe our actions. We are learning that all sentences must have a verb. We are also learning that we use different forms of a verb depending on the sentence we say or write.

We can use a verb

-in the present form- “I am eating a sandwich.”

-in the past form- “I ate a sandwich after school yesterday.”

-in a future form- “I will be eating a sandwich after school today.”


We took photos and described our actions using all the new verbs we are learning.

Last week we practised using verbs to describe playing actions.

We are sitting on the bench near the basketball courts.

Efe is going to swing on the monkey bars.

Nivesh can balance like a tightrope walker.

Antaniaus is crawling through the tunnel.

Nivesh slid down the slide before Abdullah.

After Nivesh had a turn, it was time for Abdullah to go down the slide.

Abdullah climbed easily to the top of the climbing wall.

Ready. Set. Go! Kristian takes off like a rocket.

We are all running as fast as The Flash.

Abdullah and Kristian are sprinting to the finish line.

Antaniaus shows us how he can hop up and down.

Abdullah dug a tunnel in the sandpit.

Nivesh searched for treasure in the sandpit but did not find any.

Antaniaus is enjoying playing outside with his friends.

Nivesh jumped down and landed on the ground.

After a fun morning playing with his friends, Efe drank litres of water.

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